Statement from Women's Foundation on Auditor Galloway's New Leave Policies

KANSAS CITY, MO -- Wendy Doyle, President & CEO of Women's Foundation, released the following statement today regarding Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway's New Office Policies to Benefit Employees Dealing with Domestic Violence.

Women’s Foundation applauds State Auditor Nicole Galloway for implementing commonsense office policies to protect the safety and well-being of her staff.  Women and men should not have to choose between their job and their safety. Domestic violence compromises more than one’s health—it has a devastating impact on the victim’s finances, which ultimately impacts Missouri’s economy. We hope more executive branch offices follow Auditor Galloway’s lead.  

It is also our hope that this action raises awareness, and members of the General Assembly pass legislation which provides unpaid leave for employees and their children impacted by domestic and sexual violence such as SB 268 (sponsored by Sen. Jill Schupp) and HB 842 (sponsored by Rep. Gina Mitten).

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