NEWS: Women's Foundation Appointments Project Helps Place Two More Women Onto Commissions

Janelle Bailey Appointed to Kansas City Ethics Commission; Sarah Martin-Anderson to Serve on Health Commission

Kansas City, MO – Mayor Sly James today announced the appointments of Janelle Bailey to the Kansas City Municipal Officials Ethics Commission and Sarah Martin-Anderson to the Kansas City Health Commission. The Women’s Foundation promoted both women through the Appointments Project, which launched in April based on their research conducted as part of the Mayor’s Women’s Empowerment Initiative to include more women in positions of leadership in city government.

"What a tremendous testament to equity and opportunity in Kansas City – two more outstanding women leaders appointed to commissions,” Wendy Doyle, President and CEO of Women’s Foundation, said. “The Appointments Project is working; and Janelle Bailey and Sarah Martin-Anderson are the latest examples of talented women who will who will serve Kansas City well.”

Mayor Sly James said, “Janelle Bailey will be a fine addition to the Kansas City Municipal Officials Ethics Commission; her experience in private law and as a prosecutor will be very valuable.I’m also happy to appoint Dr. Sarah Martin-Anderson, an expert in health public policy, to the Kansas City Health Commission. Both Ms. Bailey and Dr. Martin-Anderson have a passion for helping our city and we’re grateful for their willingness to serve.”

Janelle Bailey, appointee to the Kansas City Municipal Officials Ethics Commission, is an attorney with Armstrong Teasdale and specializes in Intellectual Property law. Prior to joining the firm, Janelle was in private practice at Shook, Hardy & Bacon. Before that, she served as an assistant prosecuting attorney for the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office.

Janelle Bailey 

Janelle Bailey 

“I’m honored to serve on the Ethics Commission and look forward to giving back to our community,” said Ms. Bailey. “Thanks to Mayor James for this opportunity, and also to the Women’s Foundation Appointments Project which was instrumental in helping me navigate the application process.” 

The newest appointee to the Kansas City Health Commission, Dr. Sarah Martin-Anderson, is an assistant professor of Health Administration at the Henry W. Bloch School of Management. Dr. Martin-Anderson received her Ph.D. in public policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley. She also received a Master of Public Policy and a Master of Public Health degree (Epidemiology) from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from California State University, Bakersfield. Her research concerns the social determinants of health inequalities, specifically as it pertains to early childhood, pregnancy and birth. 

Dr. Sarah Martin-Anderson

Dr. Sarah Martin-Anderson

“I cannot thank the Women’s Foundation’s Appointments Project enough for this opportunity. I have always felt called to public service, and the Appointments Project was the boost I needed to make that vision a reality,” said Dr. Martin-Anderson. “What brings me the most joy is knowing that my sons and daughter are growing up in a world where a working mother of three can serve in leadership.”

The Women’s Foundation Appointments Project serves as a talent bank, advisor, and advocate for women seeking opportunities to lead their communities and works to attract diverse applicants for appointed positions on boards and commissions. The Women’s Foundation guides women through the process of applying for these positions and recommends applicants for appointment.

Since the launch of the Appointments Project, seven women have been named by Mayor James to leadership positions in Kansas City: 1) Cecelia Carter, Employees Retirement System;2) Ajia Mignon, Land Bank Agency; 3) Amber Hackett, Parks and Recreation;4) Darline Henrius, Youth Commission; 5) Estela Montserrat Espitia-Cuellar, Youth Commission; Janelle Bailey, Ethics Commission; and 7) Sarah Martin-Anderson, Health Commission.

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