Appointee Profile: Torrey Peterson


Torrey decided to apply for the Appointments Project because she wanted to find a way to use her skills and background as a lawyer to help serve the Kansas City community. She loves what the Women’s Foundation stands for and wanted to take advantage of their Appointments Project to, hopefully, be another woman serving in the area. As someone unfamiliar with board selection processes, she decided to use the Appointments Project to help guide herself through the process and help with placement. She knew she wanted to serve on a board and her community and applying through the Appointments Project was best way for her to achieve that goal.

Torrey hopes she can provide valuable input and help make positive decisions through her work on the Liquor Controls Board. She also hopes that, by serving, her work and leadership can help encourage other women to serve as well. She plans to make lasting professional relationships both through other board members and working with businesses and individuals in the KC community who are working with the board.

She will be serving on the Liquor Controls Board of KC. The board deals with appeals and complaints regarding alcohol-related industries.