Appointee Profile: Kate Goad

I’m continually impressed by all of the amazing things that Kansas has to offer. My love of Kansas and my love of travel can combine to show the rest of the country just how cool Kansas is.
— Katherine Goad
kate goad.jpg

Kate has been appointed to the Council on Travel and Tourism. Kate is passionate about Kansas — she grew up in the state but left the state for a few years for her career and later returned to establish her roots. Now, she's a long-time volunteer, runs a blog called The Accidental Homesteader – and was a member of the Junior League for 15 years. 

She practiced for ten years in estate and business planning before moving into corporate training. She currently writes training for the National Association of Tax Professionals (~20K members or so). In addition to her work, Kate and her husband and live on 3 acres in Harvey County on which they have bees and chickens, and hope to raise goats.

She belongs to the MakeICT makerspace, a cooperative that provides a space for members to create pretty much anything they want. There's a woodshop, metalshop, fabrication lab (3D printers and laser cutters), jewelry shop, screenprinting, textiles, electronics, rapid prototyping, and ceramics. She volunteers her time with them to increase membership and teach classes.

As a native, Kate views it as her responsibility to serve her community, county, and state. She believes her enthusiasm to discover the state better will be useful on this commission.