New Rankings Highlight the Need to Reduce Occupational Licensing Barriers in Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Women’s Foundation today issued the following statement regarding a new report showing that Missouri’s occupational licensing laws for lower-income occupations are the 22nd most burdensome in the nation. 

Starting a new career or business is hard enough without the added headache of wading through unnecessary and expensive occupational licensing regulations,” said Wendy Doyle, Women’s Foundation President and CEO. “This new report reinforces what our research has already shown about how occupational licensing burdens can restrict economic opportunity and worsen inequality. We will continue working with policymakers on sensible solutions that will reduce these barriers and make it easier for women to start their own businesses and pursue more flexible careers.
— Wendy Doyle, Women's Foundation President & CEO


Women’s Foundation has been working with policymakers to reform occupational licensing regulations, which its research has shown can be a barrier for women trying to enter new professions or pursue more flexible careers.

The organization, which works to promote equity and opportunity for women of all ages, has outlined a number of potential solutions, such as waiving licensing fees for low-income job seekers and making it easier to transfer licenses across state lines, to ease occupational licensing burdens.