Columbia Daily Tribune: Partnership releases preliminary results of women's issue study

By ASHLEY JOST, Sunday, December 7, 2014 at 12:00 am
KANSAS CITY — A partnership created to bring to light the issues Missouri women face, including an income gap compared to male counterparts and lack of access to quality child
care, released preliminary information Friday.
The Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City and the University of Missouri’s Institute of Public Policy started a partnership this spring with the goal of creating a political and
philanthropic platform to address the needs of Missouri women based on research that identifies those needs.
Some of the preliminary results were unveiled Friday during the Women’s Foundation annual luncheon in Kansas City.
The findings were broken into five key issues based on the MU institute’s research and validated at Women’s Foundation listening sessions in Springfield, Kansas City and St. Louis.
Women from lower, middle and higher income backgrounds provided feedback, as did one focus group of men, said Wendy Doyle, president and CEO of the Women’s Foundation.  

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