Appointee Profile: Cynthia Hopp

As an educator I am passionate about helping my students achieve their goals, and with the help of the Appointments Project™ I am able to make an even larger impact in the lives of people in my community.
— Cynthia Hopp
Cynthia Hoop.jpeg

Cynthia was appointed to the Human Relations Commission in Topeka, Kansas. She a is a First Grade teacher at a dual language public school and has been teaching for eight years. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Educational Leadership at Kansas State University. 

Cynthia is a member of the Minority Leadership Academy and a Kagan Cooperative Learning instructional coach. After school hours, she volunteers her time to teach a Spanish language class to the parents of her students. Cynthia saw a need for the class and worked with her colleagues to make the class possible. 

With an evident passion for education and volunteering, Cynthia enjoys helping people achieve their goals. 

Cynthia is married to Kevin Hopp and is the mother of two children Mikaela and Mauricio. In her spare time, she enjoys learning how to play the cello, meditating, and doing yoga.