Women's Foundation Lauds Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer's Executive Order on Eliminating Sexual Harassment in State Government

TOPEKA, KS - Today the Women's Foundation commended Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer for issuing an executive order to combat sexual harassment and discrimination in state government.

Gov. Colyer, who took office Wednesday, Jan. 31, consulted with the Women's Foundation's and utilized their recommendations in his executive order. 

"We are pleased Governor Colyer is taking action during the very first week of his administration to combat sexual harassment and ensure a safe and professional workplace culture across state government," said Women's Foundation President and CEO, Wendy Doyle. "His decisive leadership sends a clear message that sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation will no longer be tolerated under the Capitol dome or anywhere in state government. Governor Colyer has taken a significant step to stop misconduct and promote equity and opportunity."  

In December 2017, the Women's Foundation issued recommendations at the request of Senate President Susan Wagle (R-Wichita). They were developed with input from legal experts, advocates, and community stakeholders following media reports of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by Kansas state legislators. 

The Women's Foundation promotes equity and opportunity for women of all ages, using research, philanthropy and policy solutions to make meaningful change. More information about the organization can be found at www.Womens-Foundation.org.