Actions Speak Louder than Words

Today, Equal Pay Day, is a symbolic day to recognize how far into the year a woman needs to work just to make the same amount a man made last year.

Women’s Foundation believes equal pay is imperative for economic empowerment, and is committed to closing the gender pay gap for women and their families. To achieve this goal, Women’s Foundation developed Pay Equity Best Practices Guidelines to encourage organizations to do their part in closing the pay gap.  

Today, we are excited to announce two more organizations that are taking action, and have committed to implement elements of our Pay Equity Best Practice Guidelines. The Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence and Community LINC have both committed to disclosing salary ranges within their organizations in an effort to ensure pay equity among employees.

Women's Foundation research shows that a woman, on average, in Missouri makes only 78 cents to the dollar a man makes. In Kansas, women make only 79 cents. Women of color make even less on the dollar.  

Help us work to close the pay gap by thanking organizations who are leading the way and by encouraging others to do the same.