Women’s Foundation Research Informs Recommendations to Reduce Licensing Barriers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Missouri Governor Eric Greitens’ Boards and Commissions Task Force has issued a report that includes recommendations on occupational licensing that were informed by Women’s Foundation research.

The report recommends that the Governor direct departments to lower fees imposed by professional licensing boards and commissions, a solution put forward by Women’s Foundation in research released last month.  It also advises the Governor to continue to study the process of licensing and reciprocity across state lines.

Wendy Doyle, President and CEO of Women’s Foundation, issued the following statement:

Our research has shown that unnecessary occupational licensing barriers and fees can make it harder for women to start their own businesses and pursue more flexible careers. We were grateful for the opportunity to work with the Task Force and inform its recommendations, including its proposal to lower fees for professional licenses. We look forward to working with Gov. Greitens and members of the legislature to reduce licensing barriers, appoint more women to boards and commissions, and empower women entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.
— Wendy Doyle, Women's Foundation President & CEO


Women’s Foundation also thanked the co-chairs and members of the Task Force for their work in responding to Gov. Greitens’ executive order and evaluating the costs and benefits of Missouri’s boards and commissions structure.