New survey tool helps measure women’s participation in civil leadership

Barbara Kerr, the Williamson Family Distinguished Professor of Counseling Psychology in KU’s School of Education, developed the instrument with her research team as part of the WE Women’s Empowerment initiative enacted by Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Sly James to improve the number of women in civic leadership positions in the city. The project and underlying research is part of Kerr’s larger research goal of understanding how talent develops in women and what keeps them from reaching their full potential. “One of my missions has always been to help make the world more human-friendly by listening to what women want,” Kerr said.

She will speak about both the survey tool and helping individuals reach their potential at the Inspiring Women in Public Administration Conference, which is Thursday, June 26, at the Edwards Campus. KU’s Public Management Center organized the conference.

To learn more about the study and Kerr’s mission Click Here.