Women's Foundation Releases Gender Pay Discrepancy By County


JEFFERSON CITY, MO – According to a recent research study conducted by the Women’s Foundation in partnership with the University of Missouri, women in Missouri make 29% less than men for the same work.  Today, the Women’s Foundation released a fact sheet that broke down this figure by county.  The fact sheet is available here:

The Women’s Foundation released this resource the same day that Wendy Doyle, President & CEO of the Women’s Foundation, testified before the Missouri Senate Committee for Small Business, Insurance and Industry in support of SB 144, a gender pay equity bill sponsored by Sen. Paul LeVota (Independence).  Last week, she testified in support of a similar bill, HB 44 which is sponsored by Rep. Stephen Webber (Columbia).  Either bill would begin to address the pay inequity that exists between men and women in Missouri in order to drive economic growth.

The full Status of Women in Missouri report and interactive research tools can be found here:  http://www.communitycommons.org/groups/womens-foundation/

The Women’s Foundation promotes equity and opportunity for women and girls, using philanthropy, research and policy solutions to make meaningful change.  More information about the organization can be found at www.Womens-Foundation.org.                    





Two More Appointments of Women Announced on First Anniversary of Women's Empowerment Initiative

Women's Foundation Appointments Project Celebrates 11 Successful Appointments

Kansas City, MO – Today, during a celebration of the first year anniversary of the Women’s Empowerment Initiative (WE), Mayor Sly James announced the appointments of two more women to Kansas City leadership positions. These committee assignments mark 11 successful appointments through the Women’s Foundation Appointments Project since its launch last spring.

Wendy Doyle of Women's Foundation Testifies in Support of Gender Pay Equity Bill

Women in Missouri Make 71 Cents to the Dollar Men Make


Jefferson City, MO – Today, Wendy Doyle, President & CEO of the Women’s Foundation, testified before the House Committee for Workforce Standards and Development in support of HB 44, a gender pay equity bill sponsored by Rep. Stephen Webber (Columbia).  According to a recent research study conducted by the Women’s Foundation in partnership with the University of Missouri, women in Missouri make 29% less than men for the same work.  

Why More Women Are Not In Positions Of Leadership

In a country where almost 51 percent of the population is female, positions of leadership in politics, education and business are largely dominated by men. On this edition of Up To Date, we discuss why women lag in leadership positions and how to reverse the trend.


  • Wendy Doyle is the Executive Director of the Women’s Foundation in Kansas City. 
  • Dr. Judy Rogers is the President of Cottey College for Women in Nevada, Missouri.
  • Nancy Mellard is Executive Vice President of CBIZ and National Leader at CBIZ Women's Advantage.

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KBIA: Why Elderly Women are More Likely to Live in Poverty

By Hope Kirwan, KBIA Feb 25, 2015

It’s generally known that women tend to live longer than men. But what’s less known is how the same longevity can be a  financial burden for women.

Last month, the Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City and the MU Institute of Public Policy released a report called Status of Women in Missouri. According to the report, women make up two-thirds of the Missourians aged 65 and older who are living in poverty...

Women's Foundation Releases "Status of Women in Missouri" Report & Interactive Research Hub

Innovative hub combines local economic and social data in a single, easy-to-access online portal 

Kansas City, MO – The Women’s Foundation today released a new research report and interactive research hub to help policy makers solve challenges faced by Missouri women. 

“Although there is some good news for Missouri women, the data shows there is much work to be done to improve the lives of Missouri women and their families,” said Wendy Doyle, President & CEO of the Women’s Foundation. “The Women’s Foundation is committed to working for meaningful change, and we hope this research tool helps policy makers make informed decisions about important issues facing Missouri women and their families.”  


Betsy Lynch Appointed to Fairness in City Contracts Board

Ninth Woman Appointed since Launch of Women’s Foundation Appointments Project 

Kansas City, MO – Mayor Sly James today announced the appointment of Elizabeth (“Betsy”) Lynch to the Kansas City Fairness in City Contracts Board. The Women’s Foundation promoted Lynch through their Appointments Project, which has partnered with Mayor James to address the gender gap in city leadership positions.

“As an attorney and community leader, Betsy Lynch will provide great value to the Fairness in City Contracts Board and we were pleased to provide support to her through the appointments process,” said Wendy Doyle, President and CEO of Women’s Foundation.  “Thanks again to Mayor James for his leadership in appointing Betsy Lynch and continuing to work to have boards and commissions reflect the population they serve.”