In partnership with the University of Kansas, the Women’s Foundation commissioned a study in 2014 to look into women’s civic engagement and look deeper into this issue.  The study’s results stated that, among other things, women are simply unaware that the opportunity exists to participate on Kansas City boards and commissions.

In light of the study’s findings and in an effort to address this gender gap, the Women’s Foundation launched the Appointment Project.  Through this project, the Women’s Foundation serves as a talent bank, adviser, and advocate for women seeking appointed positions in local government. There are opportunities for leadership through service on boards, commissions, task forces, and committees.  The work of these bodies can lead to recommendations and decisions that impact the operations of local government and ultimately, make it work better, smarter, and more effectively.  Our goal is to guide women through the process of applying for these positions to further improve their chances of being appointed.  Regardless of your background, now is the time to share your expertise and point of view. 

A list of some of the boards and commissions can be found HERE.

The Appointments Project welcomes resumes from any woman who seeks an appointment to a board, commission, task force, or committee. Residency requirements vary by position.  We welcome women with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. Anyone of color, with disabilities, veterans, and individuals with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

To see the training video, click HERE