2019 Grant FAQ

Who is eligible to submit a grant proposal?

  • Letters of intent are due by Dec. 3, 2018. Those projects which demonstrate the most potential for funding will be invited to submit a full proposal for funding. Grant proposals will be accepted by invitation only.

In the past, the Women’s Foundation’s policy was that a program could only receive funding for three consecutive years and then was ineligible.  Is that still the case?

  • There currently is no waiting period if an organization or program has received funding in the recent past. If the program that fits best within our guidelines is one that has received funding, please continue to apply. We want to encourage good work in the community – both new and existing – that aligns with our research.

In the past, programs funded by the Women’s Foundation could include no more than 10% men/boys.  Is that still the case?

  • The Women’s Foundation recognizes that promoting women can also mean promoting families. Although our preference is to fund programs that serve women only or a vast majority of women, we understand that there are other strong programs that achieve our mission while also serving men. If your program serves more than 10% men/boys, please acknowledge that in your proposal and address how you believe that service strengthens women and families.

Is there a specific budget format grant seekers should follow?

  • No. You are welcome to submit your budget in any form that most fully articulates your requested use of funds.

Do you have a preference for requests to fund startup projects or ongoing project costs?

  • No. Our funding priorities are directly related to achieving outcomes that strongly align with our research (available on our website), and creating systemic change for women of all ages. We recognize that some existing programs are already achieving this work and that there are also opportunities for new programs.

When will funds be released and for what length of term?

  • Funds will be released half on May 31, 2019 and half on December 31, 2019 (subject to compliance with the grant agreement) may be used for the term specified in your grant application. The Women’s Foundation grant cycle will occur each spring, but we are open to the idea of funding programs for longer or shorter terms, including the possibility of multi-year funding.